The Hespeler Skating Club (HSC) is run by an enthusiastic volunteer Board of Directors and dedicated professional coaches.

Our club office is located in our home rink, the Hespeler Memorial Arena, 640 Ellis Road in Cambridge, Ontario.

Fundraising is an integral part of our club. The funds raised enable us to keep our program costs down and contribute the our annual Ice Show.

Volunteers are our most precious asset! Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers and skating parents just like you! Plan to attend our AGM, nominations will be available in the spring. Please consider donating a small part of your time to make our club a great place to skate. Both your skater and your club will benefit from the experience and ideas you share!

Our Annual Ice Show is the highlight of our skating season. Every skater is a star! Watch our Events page for ongoing information about our show.

Respect, dedication and encouragement contribute to a successful skating club.

Come skate with us!

The Club

The club is the provider of Skate Canada programs to skaters. Clubs are obligated
to communicate as regularly and effectively as possible with skaters and parents about
club activities, club regulations, policies and other information affecting the skaters
participation in the sport.

The Professional Coach

The coach is a huge component of your child’s skating experience. All of our coaches
are a minimum of Level 1 certified through the 3M National Coaching Certification
Program (NCCP). They all hold valid First Aid Certificates, are coaching members
of Skate Canada for the current year and abide by the Skate Canada Code of Ethics.

The Skater

The development of the skater is the whole purpose for the existence of the club, coach
and Skate Canada. The skater’s responsibility is to make the most of each session.
Every skater should show respect for the other skaters, parents, coaches, and volunteers.
Their main goal is to HAVE FUN!!

The Parent

The role of the parent is huge. They have an important role to keep the child active.
Get involved in the club and maintain a POSITIVE attitude. Make it fun. Set small
goals to build self esteem.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please contact an executive member
or speak to a coach AFTER the session. Addressing a problem right away ensures
that you and your child’s skating experience is a smooth one.

Respect, dedication and encouragement contribute to a successful skating club.


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